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Under most circumstances, a drunk driving charge in New York is considered a misdemeanor. However, if certain conditions are met, the state can consider it a felony. Felony convictions provide much harsher penalties than misdemeanors. DWI charges are no exception. If you've been charged, it is time to seek proven representation.

At my firm, I have worked with numerous clients who needed their rights and interests protected and have consistently secured them favorable results. I understand what to look for in this cases, how to compellingly argue for a reduction or dismissal on my clients' behalf, and—most importantly—how to secure results.

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When Is Drunk Driving a Felony?

For drunk driving to be a felony in New York, the court must recognize particularly serious circumstances surrounding the incident in question. These circumstances either speak to the driver's history of drunk driving or indicate that they represented a dangerous threat to others.

Drunk driving is a felony in New York when:

  • The driver has another DWI conviction in the last 10 years (second offense)
  • The driver has two other DWI convictions in the last 10 years (third offense)
  • The driver has three other DWI convictions in the last 15 years (fourth offense)
  • There is another passenger in the car under 16 years of age

If any of the above circumstances applies to you, then you could be exposed to serious felony penalties, such as substantial fines and prison time. At my firm, our Rochester DUI Lawyer is ready to assess your case and proactively start pursuing any and all avenues towards the best possible outcome.

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