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In some states, "assault" is considered the act of threatening someone with the possibility of violence, but in New York, it concerns actual, harmful contact.

These vary in severity, but assault is considered a violent offense and all those who are convicted not only face serious questions, but a troubling black mark on their permanent record.

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Misdemeanor vs. Felony Assault

What does it mean for a defendant to face assault charges in Rochester, NY? Does it make a difference whether you’re charged with a misdemeanor or felony assault charge? A misdemeanor assault charge is categorized as a simple assault charge. It can carry up to one year in jail. The charge is usually applicable when the defendant is accused of intentionally or recklessly injuring another person. It can also apply to cases where a deadly weapon was used to cause physical injury. A felony assault charge is a more serious offense that carries time behind bars in state prison. Felony assault charges range in severity, depending on the level of injury inflicted upon the victim. A felony charge would also be applicable in cases where a gun is used or a victim is drugged and incapacitated. 

Degrees of Assault in New York 

Assault is described in NY State Law §120 and it is broken down into three degrees: first, second, and first. These degrees are organized by their perceived seriousness, with first being considered the most severe.

Assault charges in New York include:

  • Third Degree (Misdemeanor): Charged when someone is believed to have intentionally, recklessly, or negligently injured another person. This charge is reserved for when minor injuries occur.
  • Second Degree (Class D Felony): Charged when significant injury is inflicted by the accused recklessly or intentionally. If there were weapons or instruments involved, this also qualifies as second degree assault.
  • First Degree (Class B Felony): Charged for the most serious instances where grievous injury is inflicted. It can also be charged while victims are hurt while the accused is committing or fleeing another, separate felony.

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Third degree assault can come with a maximum sentence of one year in jail. The other chargers, which are serious felonies, can come with serious prison time and fines. For more specific information on what penalties you could be facing for your assault charge, contact me today. As your Rochester assault attorney, I can help assess the details of your case, determine what your legal options are, and mount a competent, dynamic defense on your behalf.

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