Drug Trafficking

Rochester, NY Drug Trafficking Charges

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Drug trafficking is the selling of drugs, or, as New York criminal code describes it, the "criminal sale of controlled substance" (Article 220). Trafficking charges are looked upon more harshly than drug possession offenses and are always considered a felony. Those convicted of this drug crime face significant prison time and fines.

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Drug Trafficking & Aggravating Factors

New York criminal statutes categorize drug trafficking charges into five different degrees, with first degree being the most serious. These charges are decided by a number of factors, including the type of substance being sold, the quantity, and if the sold substances are being used for drug manufacturing.

There are also some aggravating factors that may apply:

  • If the drugs were sold in or around school grounds (Section 220.44)
  • If the drugs were sold to a child (Section 220.48)
  • If the drugs sold were a prescription drug (Section 220.65)

Depending on the circumstances and the evidence held against you, your penalties can vary. To find out more about what specific penalties you could be facing, I encourage you contact my offices. I am ready to hear your story, assess your options, and, if necessary, start mounting a sound, aggressive defense strategy in your favor.

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