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Arrested and charged with a crime in Rochester, NY? Are you up against complex legal matters that could leave you facing incarceration, fines, or other legal complications? If so, it is imperative that you immediately retain the representation of an understanding and experienced criminal defense lawyer serving Rochester. You should never fight your charges alone. You need to work with my firm! I am proud to have 25 years of criminal defense law experience as a criminal defense attorney. I am a Rochester defense lawyer, handling a variety of complex legal issues. 

 I will work hard to ensure that your rights are fully protected. As a former prosecutor and private attorney, I understand the need for aggressive defense of my clients' futures, which is why I never back down from a case. Unlike some other offices in the area, I take the time to personally understand the issues that my clients are up against and develop individualized strategies to help safeguard their freedoms.

What Does a Defense Attorney Do?

A criminal defense attorney is a legal professional with a crucial role in the criminal justice system. Their primary responsibility is to provide legal representation to individuals accused of committing crimes. Here's a detailed look at what a criminal defense attorney does:

  • Case Assessment: The attorney begins by thoroughly evaluating the case against their client. They review all available evidence, witness statements, police reports, and any other relevant documents to gain a comprehensive understanding of the situation.
  • Legal Research: Criminal defense attorneys conduct extensive legal research to identify applicable laws, precedents, and regulations that may be relevant to their client's case. This helps them build a solid defense strategy.
  • Defense Strategy: Based on their assessment and research, defense attorneys develop a defense strategy tailored to the specific circumstances of the case. This strategy may include challenging the evidence, seeking to have charges dropped, or negotiating a plea deal.
  • Client Counseling: Attorneys provide counsel to their clients, explaining the legal process, potential consequences, and available options. They help clients make informed decisions about their cases, including whether to accept a plea bargain or proceed to trial.
  • Negotiation: Defense attorneys negotiate with prosecutors to secure the best possible outcome for their clients. This may involve reducing charges, negotiating sentencing recommendations, or working out alternative resolutions.
  • Representation in Court: If the case goes to trial, criminal defense attorneys serve as advocates for their clients in court. They present evidence, cross-examine witnesses, and make legal arguments to defend their clients' innocence or mitigate the severity of charges.
  • Post-Conviction Services: Even after a conviction, defense attorneys continue to provide assistance. They may help with sentencing hearings, appeals, or efforts to have a conviction expunged from the client's record.
  • Protecting Rights: Throughout the process, defense attorneys ensure that their clients' constitutional rights are upheld. This includes protecting against unlawful searches and seizures, ensuring the right to remain silent, and ensuring a fair trial.

In essence, a criminal defense attorney's role is to safeguard the rights of their clients, provide them with expert legal counsel, and advocate on their behalf to achieve the best possible legal outcome.

Why Choose Christopher K. Rodeman

  • Affordable Payment Plans
  • 24/7 Availability for Emergency Calls
  • Flat-Rate Pricing for Cases Involving DWI
  • Experience as a Special Assistant District Attorney

Our Practice Areas

Protecting your future is important, and you can trust that my law firm in Rochester is committed to defending your rights both in and out of court. With numerous payment plans available, flat-rate pricing, and a track record for success, you can be confident your case is in good hands.


Helping Clients Move Forward
  • “Mr. Rodeman was able to get us the plea deal we needed from a difficult judge. He was honest and up front about the difficulties we could face, but prevailed to help us resolve our issue.”

    - Ray
  • “Mr Rodeman knows the system and its players from his days as a prosecutor. He is extremely professional, non-judgemental, and so competent in court. I could go on and on about how much we appreciate his help in our case.”

    - Kiki France-Perry
  • “Chris made what could have been a horrible situation into a much more manageable one and in the process helped turn my life around as well.”

    - Bob S
  • “Chris is down to earth, caring and understanding about the situation. He is very likeable and very well connected and never stops working for you until completion. Things turned out very favorable for us and we are grateful.”

    - Boylin

    Aggressive Defense You Can Trust

    Throughout my legal career, I have won numerous cases and have been consulted by media as a commentator on self-defense in murder trials under New York state laws versus Florida's stand-your-ground law. When clients work with me, they can trust that they are working with a legal professional who understands what they are facing and knows how to protect their legal rights throughout the process. Regardless of whether you have been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence or if you are facing allegations of a violent crime, you can turn to my law firm in Rochester, NY for the aggressive criminal defense that you deserve.

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