Handling False Domestic Violence Charges

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Former Prosecutor Fighting for Your Freedom

Domestic violence is a serious charge that could negatively impact your future. Even if you’re not convicted of this crime, a simple accusation could tear your family apart and hurt your personal and professional reputation. Since domestic violence involves two people, there’s two sides to the story: I am on your side.

Unfortunately, there are countless instances in which a person is falsely accused of domestic violence. I am determined to fight for those who are wrongfully blamed for this crime.

Any negative situation may cause someone to seek revenge and payback. For example, your partner may assume you’re cheating, when in reality it’s because you’ve had to pull a lot of late nights at the office. Or, you may have told your spouse that you want a divorce but they don’t agree. In such cases, it’s not uncommon for one person to falsely accuse the other of a violent act as a way to get back at them. Other cases boil down to a simple misunderstanding — a raised voice, a tense fight, a nasty comment that’s interpreted as a threat — when taken out of context, any of these instances could be used to claim domestic violence. No matter the reason, a false domestic violence accusation is never the answer and must be fought in court.

5 Steps to Enhancing Your Chance of Freedom

Following your domestic violence accusation, it is important that you prepare for what’s ahead. This is an emotional time and I understand how fearful the thought of losing your relationships, financial and personal stability, and freedom may be. As a former prosecutor, I possess insider knowledge of how the other side of the courtroom plans and executes their arguments, meaning I can proactively prepare counterarguments and powerful defenses in response to what’s coming in your case. Rest assured, I’ll do everything in my power to win your case.

Follow these 5 steps to increase your likelihood of seeing a favorable outcome in court:

  1. Get a Lawyer: First and foremost, you need to hire me, Christopher K. Rodeman, to defend you. Retaining my qualified representation can benefit your case because I know what it takes to effectively fight for your freedom: My successful track record proves it. I can analyze every detail connected to your case and examine the best approach for overcoming your domestic violence charges. Having my legal counsel in your corner adds legitimacy and power to your case, and you can rely on me 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns you have along the way. Contact my firm online or call (585) 928-4193 for your free consultation.
  1. Identify Witnesses: You must have reliable witnesses to support you. If you have credible people testifying in your favor, such as family members, friends, neighbors and work colleagues, you may stand a better chance of overcoming your false allegations. Once you are aware of your charge, call your potential witnesses and explain to them that you are facing a false domestic violence accusation; be transparent and truthful with them, as your conversation may come up in court and ultimately be used against you. Witness testimonies can play a big role in determining the final verdict, so choose wisely.
  1. Collect Evidence: Keep your emails, call logs, text messages, social media posts, voicemails, pictures, videos, documents and any other physical or electronic data between you and your partner on hand. Make several copies of each piece of evidence just in case they get lost or damaged. This is a critical step in your domestic violence case because the evidence may contain threats, manipulations and other information that could persuade the courts that you did not commit an act of domestic violence. In fact, having this proof may convince the court that you partner purposefully made a false domestic violence accusation in order to achieve some sort of personal agenda.
  1. Play It Safe: Your partner may get a restraining order against you after falsely accusing you of domestic violence. I understand how frustrating this decision may seem because you did nothing to deserve it, but you must obey the guidelines and regulations of the restraining order to avoid further issues in court. If the judge learns that you expressed anger or any resistance against your partner’s decision to get a restraining order, it could be used to support the original claim of domestic violence, as your current actions are now reinforcing the allegations that have already been made against you. To add to this, you should avoid speaking about your case to anyone other than me and your witnesses because what you say online or in-person can and will be used against you in court. If you need further clarification on what you should and should not say during this time, you can reach me at (585) 928-4193. It’s better to be safe than sorry!
  1. Keep Calm: The prosecution will do everything in its power to poke at you. They will initiate emotional, exaggerated and sensitive conversations that may throw you off guard. The purpose of this tactic is to prove to the judge that you are angry, troubled and violent, which could hurt your chances of walking away from this situation free and happy. As your domestic violence defense attorney, I will prepare you for what to expect both in and out of the courtroom so you can confidently address the prosecution in a professional, convincing manner.

20 Years of Legal Experience on Your Side

When you contact my firm online to schedule your free consultation, I will take the time to listen to your side of the story. I have committed my practice to helping defend the rights of those facing trouble with the law and will dedicate my skills and resources to doing the same for you. I am well-versed in how both sides of the courtroom think and operate, which means I can plan a defense strategy around what I anticipate the prosecution will try to use against you in court. I understand what it takes to build an aggressive case and I am passionate about fighting for your best interests.

As a champion for the people, you can count on me to be your strongest advocate during this stressful time. Call (585) 928-4193 today or contact me online as soon as possible!